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Company Profile of Lyrakis Family

With respect and loyalty to the Cretan land, expertise in production developed over many generations, contemporary and self-owned facilities, certified according to the international standards and regulations, ensuring the safety of its products with regular checks, the LYRAKIS FAMILY provides consumers with Cretan products of high quality, with great nutritional value, which are based on extra virgin olive oil.

The LYRAKIS FAMILY is one of the few companies in Crete to have a vertically integrated production unit as well as a traceability system for its products which are checked in every step of the process, so it offers olive and olive oil lovers products of optimal quality.

The aim of the company is to star in the international market by promoting and establishing the use of extra virgin olive oil and olive-based products, as it already has significant exportation activity in a total of 38 countries and it has received awards in international competitions.

The LYRAKIS FAMILY envisions the constant search and creation of innovative products with high nutritional value, which are worthy of wider spread and becoming an integral part of every consumer’s diet. 

Raw materials Quality

Lyrakis Family S.A. has been certified and implemented a product quality management system.

Awarded Business

The certifications and awards of the business confirm in the most irreproachable way the quality of the products.

Self-owned factory

The Lyrakis Family is housed in privately owned facilities in the village of Sissi, in a small beautiful village on the northern coast of Crete, in the prefecture of Lasithi.

Based in Crete

The sunshine days of the region last until late autumn are ideal, resulting in one of the world’s best and most prized olive oil qualities.

Lyrakis Family

Our History

Our experience teaches us everyday

Lyrakis Family founded in 1975. From the old olive oil workshop to the present day, the Lyrakis Family focused on quality has excellent virgin olive oil.

Our family has been producing olive oil for three generations. The Lyrakis Family, with great experience, knowledge of many generations, infrastructure and much taste, makes the right choices for olive cultivation.