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Olive Oil

Mill Festival

Olive Oil  Mill Festival

A Gastronomical experience! An event based on the elixir of life-olive oil- and on our local traditions.

Enjoy a unique culinary and educational journey through the Cretan diet
This evening takes place at our olive oil mill in Sisi, in the old plantation of the Lyrakis Family with a panoramic view of the Cretan Sea.

Come and try our local products, learn about our culinary customs and traditions and enjoy our Cretan hospitality.

There will be guided tour about:

Olive Oil

Starting with the old oil press from the 18th century and through the family’s award-winning ecological olive oil mill you will learn all the secrets of the olive and its oil.


You will get to know the traditional beekeeping practices on Crete, and all the details about the life of a beehive


You will learn how the traditional olive oil soap is made.

Home cooked

Cretan Food

This is Crete  explore, feel, taste it

You will taste authentic village dishes, cooked in a wood-fired oven just like in the old days. BBQ of selected local meats, marinated in olive oil and wild aromatic herbs from the Cretan mountains. The unique tasting potatoes fried in olive oil on the open fire (parasia) – the favorite of many Cretans seasonal greens, split peas, salads from our own vegetable-garden, accompanied by a big variety of “mezedes”(Greek appetizers) based on olives and olive oil. Seasonal fruits and loukouma.


Partake and dance to the traditional Cretan and Greek rhythms and join our wonderful musicians and dancers.


The local products of superior dietary value and quality, which you have already tasted, are available for purchase directly from the producer.


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